Dam Break Aureli Test

Aureli Dam Break Test

  1. Aureli, Francesca, Dazzi, Susanna, Maranzoni, Andrea, Mignosa, Paolo & Vacondio, Renato (2015). Experimental and numerical evaluation of the force due to the impact of a dam-break wave on a structure. Adv. Water Resour., 76, 29-42. Aureli 2015

Compared to Cummins dam break:

  • Less violent primary impact (about 5x less)
  • High amount of air entrapment
  • Impact force measurements
    • Smoothing to remove most high-frequency noise
    • Over-estimation by about 1N, and second peak not captured
    • Likely due to air entrapment and related cushion effect

    • Courtesy: Neutrino Dynamics Initiative
    • Date: Sep 2017